Company Website

My Role : Freelance Front End Designer and Developer

  • Wireframed, designed and delivered graphics utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite for every client.
  • Coded in multiple programming languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL) on all sites.
  • Collaborated face to face with every client for project requirements with detailed prototypes and mockups.
  • Lead and created client presentations to communicate a unique user story and user experience.
  • Designed and developed custom CMS platform for client and employee communications.
  • Lead graphic designer for all graphics prioritizing vector images for branding and printing purposes.
  • Created and budgeted client proposals for each contract.
  • Optimized customer websites for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by updating keywords, meta tags and revising text on multiple web pages.
  • Used Google Analytics to oversee user retention and engagement for every client and internal website.